• $18.99

    driamor Aquarium Light Holder Length Adjustable Stand for Aquarium Light Hanging Kit Lamp Clear Acrylic Fish Tank LED…

    【What is it used for?】In accordance with various lighting needs of aquatic plants and fish, It’s necessary to alter the intensity and range of light by adjusting the lamp height, It’s designed for this purpose。This product is transparent with a useful height scale on its bracket. which can also be utilized to avoid water spattering on the lamp and affecting its life. More convenient for doing some fish tank cleaning work
    【Which aquarium lights can be compatible with?】As long as you use an aquarium light with a elastic U-shaped metal bracket, we are generally supportable to it. However, if the width of metal bracket is 2.36″, 2.75″, 3.14″, 3.54″, and 3.93 ” and the diameter of the metal strip reaches within 0.2 inch (0.5 cm), you will get a better experience of using. For example, hygger HG999, HG957, NICREW ClassicLED, AQUANEAT LED aquarium light, AQQA aquarium light, etc.
    【What type of fish tank can it be applied in?】This bracket can be utilized for both rimmed and rimless fish tank as long as the thickness is within 0.82 inch (2.1 cm).

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