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    andwe Bird Toy Sola Balls – Natural Soft Chew Shredding & Foraging Toy for Cockatiel Conure Quaker Parrot Budgie…

    Fun & easy to Shred Bird Toys – Sola Balls are made by air-dried natural sola plant wood, which were tied tightly as a ball and cutted by a consistent size for your pet bird to catch it as a foot toy or shred down by their beak as a chew toys. Those sola balls are also can be an excellent foraging toy, if you stuff some bird snacks or treats inside the sola ball toy for your birds to seek, make them busy and away from boredom for creating more enjoyment time
    Entertainment & Active Toys – Birds needs have some destructible toys to stimulate & entertain them, no matter to their foot or beak, which is good for bird mental healthy. Like in the wild, birds chew the branches, Sola ball toys are a good way to satisfied them to fulfill instinct desire to chew or shred. Birds enjoying to wrecked toys, like to rip those balls off pieces, and continuously throw the shredding ball off the play stand to watch it fall. Help to keep birds from chewing furniture
    Chewable & Fun & Lightweight Sola Bird Balls – sola balls measure 2.3-inch in diameter, included 6 balls per box. Be a classic bird foot toy which is available break apart simply, birds will have fun shredding them, since it’s easy to grabbed by bird beaks or claws to shredding or chewing. Super easy for pet birds of all ages and abilities to grab, pick up and play with, you might found pet bird mates work together to throw balls on the floor

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